k3d::inetwork_render_frame Class Reference

#include <inetwork_render_frame.h>

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class  argument
 Defines storage for a command-line argument. More...
class  variable
 Defines storage for an environment variable. More...

Public Types

typedef std::vector< variableenvironment
 Defines storage for a collection of environment variables.
typedef std::vector< argumentarguments
 Defines storage for a collection of command-line arguments.

Public Member Functions

virtual const filesystem::path add_file (const string_t &Name)=0
 Returns a unique filepath that can be used as an input/output file for this frame.
virtual void add_exec_command (const string_t &Binary, const environment &Environment, const arguments &Arguments)=0
 Sets-up an arbitrary command to be executed. Supplied environment variables will supplement the application environment.
virtual void add_copy_command (const filesystem::path &Source, const filesystem::path &Target)=0
 Sets-up a copy operation from one filesystem location to another.
virtual void add_view_command (const filesystem::path &File)=0
 Sets-up an view operation that will display a file to the user.

Protected Member Functions

 inetwork_render_frame ()
 inetwork_render_frame (const inetwork_render_frame &)
inetwork_render_frameoperator= (const inetwork_render_frame &)
virtual ~inetwork_render_frame ()

Detailed Description

Abstract interface that encapsulates all of the work required to render a "frame". All of the steps ("commands") required to render the frame will be executed in the order that they were added using add_exec_command(), add_copy_command(), and add_view_command().

Member Typedef Documentation

Defines storage for a collection of command-line arguments.

Defines storage for a collection of environment variables.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

k3d::inetwork_render_frame::inetwork_render_frame (  )  [inline, protected]
k3d::inetwork_render_frame::inetwork_render_frame ( const inetwork_render_frame  )  [inline, protected]
virtual k3d::inetwork_render_frame::~inetwork_render_frame (  )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void k3d::inetwork_render_frame::add_copy_command ( const filesystem::path Source,
const filesystem::path Target 
) [pure virtual]
virtual void k3d::inetwork_render_frame::add_exec_command ( const string_t Binary,
const environment Environment,
const arguments Arguments 
) [pure virtual]
virtual const filesystem::path k3d::inetwork_render_frame::add_file ( const string_t Name  )  [pure virtual]
virtual void k3d::inetwork_render_frame::add_view_command ( const filesystem::path File  )  [pure virtual]
inetwork_render_frame& k3d::inetwork_render_frame::operator= ( const inetwork_render_frame  )  [inline, protected]

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