k3d::ipersistent Class Reference

Abstract interface implemented by objects that can be serialized to/from a K-3D document. More...

#include <ipersistent.h>

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class  load_context
 Placeholder for arguments passed at load time. More...
class  save_context
 Placeholder for arguments passed at save time. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual void save (xml::element &Element, const save_context &Context)=0
 Called once during document save.
virtual void load (xml::element &Element, const load_context &Context)=0
 Called once during document loading.

Protected Member Functions

 ipersistent ()
 ipersistent (const ipersistent &Other)
ipersistentoperator= (const ipersistent &)
virtual ~ipersistent ()

Detailed Description

Abstract interface implemented by objects that can be serialized to/from a K-3D document.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

k3d::ipersistent::ipersistent (  )  [inline, protected]
k3d::ipersistent::ipersistent ( const ipersistent Other  )  [inline, protected]
virtual k3d::ipersistent::~ipersistent (  )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void k3d::ipersistent::load ( xml::element Element,
const load_context Context 
) [pure virtual]

Called once during document loading.

Implemented in k3d::data::with_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::data::path_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::data::node_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::data::node_collection_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::ngui::main_document_window, k3d::node, k3d::property::detail::user_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::property::detail::user_mesh_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::property::detail::user_node_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::property::detail::renderman_attribute_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::property::detail::renderman_option_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::selection_set_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::ri::shader, k3d::watched_path_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, module::animation::animation_track< time_t, value_t >, module::deformation::tweak_points, module::mesh_instance::frozen_mesh, k3d::data::array_serialization< value_t, property_policy_t >, k3d::snappable< k3d::gl::renderable< k3d::transformable< k3d::node > > >, k3d::snappable< k3d::gl::renderable< k3d::ri::renderable< k3d::material_sink< k3d::transformable< k3d::node > > > > >, k3d::snappable< k3d::gl::renderable< k3d::ri::renderable< k3d::mesh_selection_sink< k3d::parentable< k3d::transformable< k3d::node > > > > > >, module::animation::animation_track< double, double >, and module::animation::animation_track< double, k3d::matrix4 >.

ipersistent& k3d::ipersistent::operator= ( const ipersistent  )  [inline, protected]
virtual void k3d::ipersistent::save ( xml::element Element,
const save_context Context 
) [pure virtual]

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