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struct  PQnode
struct  PQhandleElem
struct  PriorityQ


#define PQkey   PQHeapKey
#define PQhandle   PQHeapHandle
#define PriorityQ   PriorityQHeap
#define pqNewPriorityQ(leq)   __gl_pqHeapNewPriorityQ(leq)
#define pqDeletePriorityQ(pq)   __gl_pqHeapDeletePriorityQ(pq)
#define pqInit(pq)   __gl_pqHeapInit(pq)
#define pqInsert(pq, key)   __gl_pqHeapInsert(pq,key)
#define pqMinimum(pq)   __gl_pqHeapMinimum(pq)
#define pqExtractMin(pq)   __gl_pqHeapExtractMin(pq)
#define pqDelete(pq, handle)   __gl_pqHeapDelete(pq,handle)
#define pqIsEmpty(pq)   __gl_pqHeapIsEmpty(pq)
#define __gl_pqHeapMinimum(pq)   ((pq)->handles[(pq)->nodes[1].handle].key)
#define __gl_pqHeapIsEmpty(pq)   ((pq)->size == 0)


typedef void * PQkey
typedef long PQhandle
typedef struct PriorityQ PriorityQ


PriorityQpqNewPriorityQ (int(*leq)(PQkey key1, PQkey key2))
void pqDeletePriorityQ (PriorityQ *pq)
void pqInit (PriorityQ *pq)
PQhandle pqInsert (PriorityQ *pq, PQkey key)
PQkey pqExtractMin (PriorityQ *pq)
void pqDelete (PriorityQ *pq, PQhandle handle)

Define Documentation

#define __gl_pqHeapIsEmpty ( pq   )     ((pq)->size == 0)

Referenced by pqExtractMin(), pqIsEmpty(), and pqMinimum().

#define __gl_pqHeapMinimum ( pq   )     ((pq)->handles[(pq)->nodes[1].handle].key)

Referenced by pqExtractMin(), and pqMinimum().

#define pqDelete ( pq,
handle   )     __gl_pqHeapDelete(pq,handle)

Referenced by CheckForRightSplice().

#define pqDeletePriorityQ ( pq   )     __gl_pqHeapDeletePriorityQ(pq)
#define pqExtractMin ( pq   )     __gl_pqHeapExtractMin(pq)

Referenced by __gl_computeInterior().

#define PQhandle   PQHeapHandle
#define pqInit ( pq   )     __gl_pqHeapInit(pq)

Referenced by InitPriorityQ().

#define pqInsert ( pq,
key   )     __gl_pqHeapInsert(pq,key)

Referenced by CheckForIntersect(), and InitPriorityQ().

#define pqIsEmpty ( pq   )     __gl_pqHeapIsEmpty(pq)
#define PQkey   PQHeapKey
#define pqMinimum ( pq   )     __gl_pqHeapMinimum(pq)

Referenced by __gl_computeInterior().

#define pqNewPriorityQ ( leq   )     __gl_pqHeapNewPriorityQ(leq)

Referenced by InitPriorityQ().

#define PriorityQ   PriorityQHeap

Typedef Documentation

typedef long PQhandle
typedef void* PQkey
typedef struct PriorityQ PriorityQ

Function Documentation

void pqDelete ( PriorityQ pq,
PQhandle  handle 
void pqDeletePriorityQ ( PriorityQ pq  ) 
PQkey pqExtractMin ( PriorityQ pq  ) 
void pqInit ( PriorityQ pq  ) 
PQhandle pqInsert ( PriorityQ pq,
PQkey  key 
PriorityQ* pqNewPriorityQ ( int(*)(PQkey key1, PQkey key2)  leq  ) 

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