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Help Editing/Using the K-3D Wiki

See the User's Guide for help using the K-3D Wiki.

You can test your editing skills in the SandBox.

Advice for Past Contributors

Unlike the original oddmuse wiki implementation, K-3D's new MediaWiki engine requires that all links be explicitly formed using double-brackets, instead of using CamelCase text.

Although this seems at first glance to be more complicated, I've found that in practice it reduces editor effort, since you can do

See also [[Human Readable Page]].

instead of

See also [[CamelCapsPage|Human Readable Page]].

This also improves the overall user experience, since there is no longer a disparity between the link you clicked-on, and the title of the page that appears.

You will see that there are still many K-3D pages that contain CamelCase titles, I've been moving them and cleaning-up links gradually as I go, please feel free to do likewise.

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