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Indigo Render Engine
Plugin Status:Experimental
Categories:All Plugins, Experimental Plugins, Indigo Plugins, RenderEngine Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Visible Nodes A list of nodes that will be visible in the rendered output. std::vector<k3d::inode*> visible_nodes
Enabled Lights A list of light sources that will contribute to the rendered output. std::vector<k3d::inode*> enabled_lights
Resolution Choose a predefined image resolution k3d::string_t resolution
pixel_width The horizontal size in pixels of the rendered output image. k3d::int32_t pixel_width
pixel_height The vertical size in pixels of the rendered output image. k3d::int32_t pixel_height
Halt Time Maximum rendering time in seconds. k3d::double_t halt_time
Halt Samples Maximum number of samples-per-pixel. k3d::double_t halt_samples
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