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[[K-3D]] > [[GettingStarted]] > [[MandrakePackages]]
[[K-3D]] > [[Getting Started]] > [[Mandrake Packages]]

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K-3D > Getting Started > Mandrake Packages

You can download RPM binaries for Mandrake here.

For Mandrake10, see the K3D section in the graphics page: (see home page for the page for older versions of Mandrake). You can also find RPMs for Aqsis and other render engines.

For Mandrake10 users, type this in a console as root, to add his RPMS to the urpmi database. urpmi.addmedia thacs.rpms with

Users of other versions of Mandrake can see the site above for RPMs for older versions and how to setup urpmi.

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