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NGUI's first release

Here's what the main document window will look like for the K-3D 0.6 release :



This is the central location for work on the Next Generation User Interface (NGUI), that appeared in K-3D 0.6.

K-3D version 0.4 featured a complete overhaul of the program's internal data structures, introducting new geometric primitives (points, patches, nurbs, and implicit surfaces, to name a few), and the Directed Graph (DAG), which makes possible powerful, flexible procedural modeling. Last-but-not-least, K-3D 0.4 had completely separated the user interface layer from the underlying implementation, making it possible for developers to embed K-3D in other applications and/or replace the "standard" K-3D user interface with "alternative" user interfaces, most likely to support platform-specific toolkits or niche applications with specialized user interfaces.

In order to take advantage of these features and address long-standing limitations in the K-3D 0.4 user interface, we ensured that the NGUI is well-thought-out and well-grounded in good user interface design principles.

External Documents

External documents on User Interface Design:

Examples Worth Looking At

The following examples are different forks of the original Sodipodi, so they represent a neat resource - two apps with basically the same functionality, but different user interface designs.

Proposed UI Features

  • VAST - Visual Angle Selector Target method.
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