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Connects a set of NURBS curves
Plugin Status:Experimental
Categories:All Plugins, Experimental Plugins, NURBS Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Input Mesh Input mesh k3d::mesh* input_mesh
Output Mesh Output mesh k3d::mesh* output_mesh
Mesh Selection Input Mesh Selection k3d::selection::set mesh_selection


Connect curves lets you join two curves by connecting the end point of one curve to the beginning of the other. If the curves do not have the same order, the one with the lower order gets degree elevated so they fit together.

To make ConnectCurves work, both curves need to be in the same mesh (use MergeMesh if they're not), and you need to select the points at which the curve shall be connected.

Applying a NurbsConnectCurve modifier here produces the following output:

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