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Breaks a NURBS curve at a given u value (0...1)
Plugin Status:Experimental
Categories:All Plugins, Experimental Plugins, NURBS Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
Input Mesh Input mesh k3d::mesh* input_mesh
Output Mesh Output mesh k3d::mesh* output_mesh
Mesh Selection Input Mesh Selection k3d::selection::set mesh_selection
U value (in [0,1]) Split Curve at u in ]0,1[ k3d::double_t u_value


Splitting up the selected curve at a given u-value (0 =< u =< v) is done by applying this NurbsSplitCurve modifier.
You can change the u-value so the breaking point fits your needs.

Splitting up produces
The white and red line show the two resulting curves. They dont share the point in the middle, just select your curve in line mode, switch to vertex mode and move it to see that.

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