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The Image:Scale_tool.png Scale Tool is used to scale nodes interactively, by dragging the mouse through a Viewport Panel.


Look at a selected cube in the front view.


From the main toolbar click on the scale tool.


It is now activated.


The yellow manipulator indicates the scale constraint.

  • middle sphere - scales all three axes: Image:Scale_cursor_xyz.png.
  • manipulator axes (arrows) - scaling constrained to a single axis: Image:Scale_cursor_x.png, Image:Scale_cursor_y.png, Image:Scale_cursor_z.png.
  • manipulator planes (squares) - scaling constrained to two axes: Image:Scale_cursor_xy.png, Image:Scale_cursor_yz.png, Image:Scale_cursor_xz.png.

See below X-axis constraint.


And YZ-plane constraint.


Now there are two ways to scale the object using the highlighted constraint with left mouse button (LMB).

  • a single click - click > move mouse > click again to stop
  • a mouse drag - hold button down > drag > release button

To cancel the scaling, click the right mouse button (RMB).

  • in single click mode - LMB click > mouse move > RMB click
  • in mouse drag mode - hold down LMB > drag > RMB click > release LMB

Clicking the RMB in any other state will switch back to the Selection Tool (deactivate the scale tool).

If you need to carefully ajust the scaling near a manipulator, click on the middle mouse button (MMB) to hide them. Click again the MMB to bring them back. Note that is doesn't work when moving.

World and local modes

Control-MMB click toggles between world and local modes :

  • in world mode, moving the manipulators scale selected objects as a group in world space
  • in local mode, moving the manipulators scale each selected object within its local space

In local mode, Shift-MMB click scale the manipulators through the set of selected objects.

Scale Points

Note: The tool is still in development and currently only works on objects, and not on any object component (face, edge or vertex). To scale points without the tool:

Select the points to be scaled. Click the RMB (Right Mouse Button) on the selection. This will bring a pop-up menu, select Modifiy > ScalePoints, proceed to scale the points using the Node Properties Panel.

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