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Yafray Material
Plugin Status:Stable
Categories:All Plugins, Stable Plugins, Yafray Plugins, Material Plugins


Name Value


Label Description Type Script Name
color Color k3d::color color
specular_color Specular Color k3d::color specular_color
reflected_color Reflected Color k3d::color reflected_color
transmitted_color Transmitted Color k3d::color transmitted_color
hardness Hardness k3d::double_t hardness
index_of_refraction Index of Refraction k3d::double_t index_of_refraction
minimum_reflection Minimum Reflection k3d::double_t minimum_reflection
fast_fresnel Fast fresnel k3d::bool_t fast_fresnel
shadow Shadow k3d::bool_t shadow
emit_rad emit_rad k3d::bool_t emit_rad
recv_rad recv_rad k3d::bool_t recv_rad
caustics Caustics k3d::bool_t caustics
caus_IOR caus_IOR k3d::double_t caus_IOR
caus_rcolor caus_rcolor k3d::color caus_rcolor
caus_tcolor caus_tcolor k3d::color caus_tcolor
mesh_autosmooth Mesh autosmooth k3d::bool_t mesh_autosmooth
mesh_autosmooth_value Mesh autosmooth value k3d::double_t mesh_autosmooth_value
has_orco Has orco k3d::bool_t has_orco
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