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3D World Simulation

3D World Simulation includes a 3D editor program to experiment with the topics covered.

Paul Debevec Home Page

Research in the field of Image-Based Rendering and Lighting with High Dynamic Range images.

Anatomy-Based Modeling of the Human Musculature

Paper on muscle-based modeling by Stephen F. May et al. from SIGGRAPH '97 proceedings.

Principles of Animation: Toy Story

A few Toy Story scenes are analyzed to see how the principles of animation are used.

Tomoyuki Nishita CGI Papers

Virtual Terrain Project

The goal of VTP is to foster the creation of tools for easily constructing any part of the real world in interactive, 3D digital form. There is a huge collection of reference links and information on this site.

Computational Geometry Pages

A comprehensive directory of computational geometry resources both on and off the Internet

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