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* [[Working With Panels]]
* [[Working With Panels]]
** [[Viewport]]
** [[Viewport]]
** [[Node List]]
** [[Node List Panel]]
** [[Node History]]
** [[Node History Panel]]
** [[Node Properties]]
** [[Node Properties]]
** [[Toolbar]]
** [[Toolbar]]

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K-3D > User Documentation


If you haven't installed K-3D yet, please consult Getting Started for build / install instructions on many platforms.

Note: Not all features are available on all platforms, and some features may be disabled depending on the libraries available on the local host.


User Interface


  • See Plugins for a list of all K-3D plugins and links to reference documentation.
  • Plugin Status - What does (Experimental) or (Deprecated) next to a plugin's name mean?



  • Symmetric Modeling - modeling just one side of a symmetric object, with automatic updates to the mirror side.
  • Mug Tutorial - creating a mug with a handle.
  • Snap Tutorial - some samples of the new interactive snap system.



Subdivision Surfaces

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