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If you haven't installed K-3D yet, please consult Getting Started for build / install instructions on many platforms.

  • FAQ - User's Frequently Asked Questions!
  • Version Numbers - What do those numbers mean?
  • Online Tutorials - Step-by-step instructions for common operations.
  • Support - Where to go for help when good software goes bad ...

User Interface


  • See Plugins for a list of all K-3D plugins and links to reference documentation.
  • Plugin Status - What does (Experimental) or (Deprecated) next to a plugin's name mean?





  • ScriptEngine - Introduction to K-3D scripting.
  • Python - Documentation for the Python script engine used for most general-purpose scripting tasks.
  • K3DScript - K-3D tutorials are recorded using K3DScript metafiles.
  • RenderManScript - Injects arbitrary RenderMan API calls into the rendered scene.

Subdivision Surfaces

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