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STL Format

Hi Guys i new here,  and anyone could help me how to export .stl files? What I did until now is:
1, Drawed one torus,
2. Create>MeshWriter>STLMEshWriter
3. I stopped here...


Bart Janssens
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Hi Alex,

From there, in the node properties for the STLMeshWriter, you should set a file name (click the ... button to set it through a file selector) and set the input mesh by clicking the connect button to the output mesh that you want to save. In this case, it would be the "Output Mesh" of the Torus node. You could also connect to the output mesh of Torus Instance, in that case any further changes made to the torus would be saved on the fly to STL (though that may become slow if there are many faces)

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