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First time in 3D word

Hello Everbody

We are a group of students, working on a project where we have to make a presentation, and we thought it could be possible to from a bit of 3D.

So my Questions is.
Would it be possible for us to make a little "movie" where we have a man walking around on a worksite ?
Cause my thoughts, with no knowledge at all ! would be something like, I could draw the whole worksite in 3D and make him walk around on that area, and do the different things he need to do in our concept?

don't know if that's to fluffy an explanation ^^

I would really appreciate the help, otherwise we are going towards a stop motion, with LEGO :D

Best Regards Thomas Frederiksen

Bart Janssens
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Hi Thomas,

Hi Thomas,

To be honest, K-3D is not mature enough to tackle something like this. If you want to animate a life-like human, you might want to try makehuman http://www.makehuman.org/ together with Blender.

If you have 2 years for this project and want to do lots of C++ programming, then please, use K-3D ;)



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