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Error from Blu Ray burn with k3d

Hello all, this is my first time on this site, so I hope I have this in the correct place.

I have a LG Blu Ray read/write device ( Wh14NS4, I believe). When I set it for 25 G disk size (as stated on the disk), it burns 99% of the data and gives me an error. I have the diagnostic (debugging) output, and will attach it to this note. I didn't see anything that would indicate what happened during the burn in this diagnostic output. I did find one area where it stated an "Input/Output" error.

As these disks are pretty expensive, at least to me, I'd like to find out what's happening before I make coasters out of any more...

It has 'HL-DT-ST-DB-RE Wh14NS40' under the blu ray indicator at the top of the display.

Also, I live in Arizona (USA) and couldn't find the right 'place' in the list of locations. Also, we do not observe Daylight Savings Time, so I was wondering if anyone knows about this, although a little off topic...




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It seems you have us confused with k3b, the CD burning software. I can't help you, sorry.



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