K-3D is Free Software. The source code is licensed using the GNU General Public License. K-3D is written in C++ with platform independence in mind. As a result, K-3D can be built on GNU/Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, and other platforms.

We use Git for source-code management, CMake for our build system, and gtkmm for our user interface toolkit. Required dependencies include Boost, OpenGL, and libsigc++.

K-3D can be optionally built with integration for Collada, DBus, GLX, Gnome VFS, GTS, ImageMagick, ODE, OpenCASCADE, OpenEXR, and more ...

Quick Start

Clone the K-3D sources and build:

$ git clone git://github.com/K-3D/k3d.git
$ mkdir k3d-build
$ cd k3d-build
$ cmake ../k3d
$ make

Run K-3D from the build directory:

$ cd k3d-build
$ make run/fast

Install K-3D:

$ cd k3d-build
$ make install

Make changes to the K-3D sources:

  1. Create a fork on Github
  2. Commit the changes
  3. Send a pull request

You can also just create a patch, if needed.

For more on using Git see the guide.