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Problems to get output files from rendering

This message was originally posted by Nobody/Anonymous on 12/11/2006 12:32:49
Sorry, i am writing from spain, maybe my english is no good enough. Perdon.
Question about k3d animation and frame rendering.
I am working with windows xp, with intel PIV and 1 MByte RAM
K3d runs well, and is very nice to use, but I do not find the way to obtain files from frame and animation rendering.
Using render preview ( with renderman engine) and rendering viewport frame and animation, everything is ok. I can get an output on the screen with the render preview or a list of files ( that i can open with gimp) with viewport animation.
But when i use frame or render animation I can no get any file in any folder. The system starts some programs at least, k3d-renderframe.exe and k3d-renderjob.exe. This operation takes some minuts, when it finishes no one file have been saved.
Have you some idea to solve it.
My e-mail:
Many thanks