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split object to create geometry?

This message was originally posted by YorkieP on 04/24/2007 12:53:29
Hi folks,
I am new to 3d graphics & would like to learn. As I dont have $4000+ to spend, I looked for a cheap/free program to do this. Then I found K-3D. It looks to me to be a great program, with tons of features. Unfortunatly, it lacks good tutorials (the only ones included explain the program interface).
I looked online at tutorials and found one simple tutorial that is called \"eyes\". Basically it’s a packman object - yellow sphere, with black eyes, made from cylinders. all goes well so far & I now have a round ball with tubes sticking out of it.
The tutorial goes on to say:
\"Now, we’re going to split these cylinders to create geometry that matches the sphere. When using CSG, the option whether to keep the operator (the sphere in this case), or delete it, after the split, is configured in the settings panel:\".
I have found CSG in the menu (Create > CSG), but have no idea how to use it & I can not find it in the online manual. Please could anyone help with this or point me in the right direction. It would be much appreciated.
Also, is there an offline version of the manual? I have a limit online and someting that I could use offline would be really helpfull..
thanks in advance for your replies...