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Could not determine scripting language - Ubuntu Karmic; k-3d mercurial latest

Hi all!
I have cloned the mercurial source on the latest and compiled under karmic.
When I try to run a python script(from the examples) I get the "Could not determine scripting language" error.
I have python 2.4 - 2.6 installed with dev packages of course.
I have tried rebuilding with testing enabled so I can see what it tells me, but I get a build error
/usr/include/boost/accumulators/statistics_fwd.hpp:87: error: ‘template struct boost::accumulators::tag::moment’ is not a function,
/usr/include/boost/accumulators/statistics/moment.hpp:104: error: conflict with ‘template typename boost::accumulators::detail::extractor_result >::type boost::accumulators::extract::moment(const Arg1&)’
/usr/include/boost/accumulators/statistics/variance.hpp:54: error: in call to ‘moment’