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How can I use a patent drawing already created and use it in K3D for VP?

Hello, I am new here, plus I do not understand a single atom of any CAD program, even less K3D.
I am trying to understand the "Getting Started" although it take me to steps with terms I don't use to understand. But I want to try...
Okay, this is the question:
I am an Inventor with medical patents with the USPTO,
I have already dozen of drawings in those documents, so I want to "transfer" them to K3D to "give them life", I mean, to rotate a single drawing (ie, a mask) to any corner, etc, etc.
Can I use the old "picture 1A" (just to say a name of an illustration) that was drew years ago in a Paint program, and start from it (in all its aspects) to CAD, so I can create a "3-D graphic" for "Virtual prototyping" because I still have not the real "physical prototype"?
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks you in advance
I don't know if my question is in the proper forum