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irc; (free-as-in-freedom) community support

why dont u create IRC Chat rooms?
for a pity its a main lack of the 90% of "free-as-in-freedom" software after incompleteness and bugs - poor support :)
i think it could b quite HELPFUL 4 EVERY1, if there r 2 irc channel groups - for users and for developers
for example at least #k-3d and #k-3d.dev at FreeNode, even better would b with locale rooms like #k-3d.de or #k-3d.ru or #k-3d.cn etc, achieving some MORE BILLIONS of people around the world
im an artist and a hobby-programmer, and i ve been looking for a "free-as-in-freedom" alternative for 3ds max
as i ve seen screenshots of K-3D, i was quite EXCITED, it looked much better simpler and much more logically/intuitively than blender
but almost nothing worked(win xp + knoppix), and soon i was totally desperated running in a circle from link to link in the project's wiki, the "native laguage support" page isnt really understandable
for a pity, it happens too often: starters of such projects, having BEAUTIFUL IDEA, dont realize, that MANY PEOPLE not really advanced but ENTHUSIASTIC could INVEST their TIME and BRING the project FORTH, writing small pieces here and there, if it would b really free-as-in-freedom of this "linuxoid" complicated antinatural git svn rtfm wtf asd qwe go-googl crap and if there would b more alive natural conversation possibilities with at least nice&knowing other community members
best wishes for u and ur project, its a BEAUTIFUL IDEA, it would be quite a pity if it dies because of absent FREEDOM of the most stupid of linuxoid traditions
i SINCERELY hope that ur project survives and grows to 1.0 and further
P.S. i would b really quite glad to help u, for example with localization (for example of this wiki), best of all i speak german & russian but can help u also with some other languages - for free-as-in-freedom ;)

Last seen: 9 years 10 months ago
Joined: 09/22/2009 - 18:47
irc; (free-as-in-freedom) community support

We currently don't have IRC chatrooms because we don't have the people to man them. I would definitely support an effort to create such a channel, if there is enough interest. K-3D is completely free-as-in-freedom, but this means that we also depend on the efforts from volunteers, and everyone does what he can. More volunteers are always more than welcome, there is much to be done in any area:
- artwork
- community support
- documentation
- coding
If you are serious about doing some translations, I suggest creating a fork on github and do the changes there, so we can merge them into our main repository (instructions are here: http://developer.k-3d.org/
The procedure for creating a new locale is at:
The "make nls-update-sources" is currently not working, but you should be OK without it.

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