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To Attend

  • Meeting Time: 20080105 1700 UTC
  • Timezone Information:
  • Meeting Protocol: XMPP (Jabber) Conference
  • Meeting Location:


  1. New downloads page
  2. Schedule Bug Day
  3. Proposal: Make presentations at local LUGs, video clubs, etc.

Action Items

  • [Shead] - Switch to Joaquin's new download page.


(02:13:18 PM) Tim Shead: Since it's the first meeting of the new year, the list of action items is wiped clean ;)
(02:13:31 PM) joaduo: cool
(02:13:49 PM) Tim Shead: Joaquin, what's the story on your downloads page?  It looks great to me, are you still working on it?
(02:14:08 PM) joaduo: yes
(02:14:35 PM) joaduo: although there is no 0.7 version yet..., anyway i can "commit" it
(02:14:43 PM) Tim Shead: Since it looks fabulous to my eyes, what's the holdup?
(02:14:52 PM) joaduo: none...
(02:15:08 PM) joaduo: although if you think you aprobe a page you can move it if you want
(02:15:27 PM) joaduo: although i wanted to mention something on 0.6.7+
(02:15:33 PM) Tim Shead: What's that?
(02:15:43 PM) joaduo: i think having the all in one installer is really important
(02:15:54 PM) joaduo: we will be losing many users...
(02:16:12 PM) joaduo: although... we an wait for one in 0.7
(02:16:39 PM) joaduo: what do you think?
(02:16:59 PM) Tim Shead: Well, there are only so many hours in my day.  I really can't split my time between 0.6 and 0.7 anymore.
(02:17:12 PM) idragosani: What was the issue with the all-in-one?
(02:17:22 PM) joaduo: aqsis installer is broken
(02:17:27 PM) joaduo: i wanted to fix it
(02:17:44 PM) joaduo: but i have many projects on k3d
(02:17:48 PM) joaduo: :)
(02:18:08 PM) joaduo: all whats needed is to add a new aqsis installer
(02:18:14 PM) joaduo: i guess is not so hard
(02:18:21 PM) Tim Shead: Which is why my emphasis is on attracting new volunteers.
(02:18:30 PM) idragosani: Is the aqsis installer our responsibility or the Aqsis team
(02:18:35 PM) idragosani: 's issue?
(02:19:01 PM) joaduo: in fact our responsibility is changing it for the good one
(02:19:04 PM) joaduo: :)
(02:19:08 PM) joaduo: there is a good one
(02:19:15 PM) joaduo: isn't it?
(02:19:55 PM) joaduo: going back on about volunteers
(02:19:59 PM) idragosani: I think there is... I have installed on Windows without problems... 
(02:20:11 PM) idragosani: I can look at the installer
(02:20:15 PM) joaduo: cool
(02:20:42 PM) Tim Shead: So, I will enable the new downloads page.
(02:21:00 PM) joaduo: cool
(02:21:33 PM) idragosani: Is the installer broken for 0.6.60 also?
(02:22:03 PM) joaduo: don't know 
(02:22:05 PM) Tim Shead: You'll have to do some digging. 
(02:22:07 PM) idragosani: Or is that considered frozen
(02:22:08 PM) joaduo: but i guess it is
(02:22:22 PM) joaduo: i think it is frozen
(02:22:30 PM) joaduo: tim?
(02:22:33 PM) idragosani: I'll try the full install and see... I don't recall it giving me problems before (or 0.6.7 either)
(02:22:57 PM) Tim Shead: Your focus should be to:
(02:23:09 PM) Tim Shead: Identify which Aqsis installers were broken.
(02:23:30 PM) Tim Shead: Confirm that the latest Aqsis installer isn't.
(02:23:46 PM) idragosani: ok
(02:23:49 PM) Tim Shead: Create a new build and release K-3D 0.6.8 with a new installer.
(02:23:53 PM) joaduo: there is a thread on the ML about the aqsis installer
(02:24:07 PM) idragosani: ok
(02:24:12 PM) joaduo: brakes the PATH variable
(02:24:34 PM) Tim Shead: That's really all I have ... any other topics?
(02:25:03 PM) joaduo: "[K3d-development] K3d/Aqsis installer breaks the windows PATH variable!" subject
(02:25:07 PM) joaduo: yes
(02:25:20 PM) idragosani: yeah, I remember... some guy was really ticked about it
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