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New in K-3D 0.7! The Pipeline Profiler Panel provides a graphical display of how much time individual document nodes spend executing. Although mainly intended for use by developers, you may be interested in using it to see which parts of a workflow take the longest to execute.


  • Mount a Pipeline Profiler Panel.
  • Make changes to document nodes.
  • Each time a node executes, its row in the panel is updated.
  • Each row in the panel displays the amount of time spent executing, both as an absolute value in seconds, and a percentage of overall time.
  • You may expand each node to see the amount of time spent executing sub-tasks (if any).
  • Times are color-coded: green for nodes that spent the least percentage of time executing, red for nodes that spent the largest percentage of time, and white in-between.
  • Rows can be rearranged using drag-and-drop.


Comparing the performance of legacy and array-based meshes generating and rendering a 100x100 polygonal grid.
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