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Note: The tool is still in development and currently only works on objects, and not on any object component (face, edge or vertex). See workaround at the end.


The Image:Rotate_tool.png Rotate Tool does not behave in an identical matter to any other software. Rather, it takes the best features from every other software's tools and attempts to combine them into one perfect tool. It is rather complicated, but its complexity is mostly transparent to the user: that's hopefully the perfect rotate tool, one that with a very brief amount of training will feel very natural to users.

Rotate Tool

Look at a selected cube in the front view.


From the main toolbar click on the rotate tool.


It is now activated.


The yellow manipulator indicates the rotation constraint.

  • middle sphere - free rotation
  • manipulator axes (arrows) - rotation constrained to the yellow axis
  • manipulator planes (squares) - rotation constrained to the yellow plane

See below X-axis constraint and YZ-plane constraint.


Now there are two ways to rotate the object using the highlighted constraint with left mouse button (LMB).

  • a single click - click > move mouse > click again to stop
  • a mouse drag - hold button down > drag > release button

To cancel the rotation, click the right mouse button (RMB).

  • in single click mode - LMB click > mouse move > RMB click
  • in mouse drag mode - hold down LMB > drag > RMB click > release LMB

Clicking the RMB in any other state will switch back to the Selection Tool (desactivate the rotate tool).

If you need to carefully ajust the rotation near a manipulator, click on the middle mouse button (MMB) to hide them. Click again the MMB to bring them back. Note that is doesn't work when moving.

World and local modes

Control-MMB click toggles between world and local modes :

  • in world mode, moving the manipulators rotate selected objects as a group in world space
  • in local mode, moving the manipulators rotate each selected object within its local space

In local mode, Shift-MMB click rotates the manipulators through the set of selected objects.

Rotate Points

Select the points to be rotated. Click the RMB (Right Mouse Button) on the selection. This will bring a pop-up menu, select Modify > RotatePoints, proceed to rotate the points by modifying the RotatePoints modifier in the Node Properties Panel.

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