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From the main toolbar click on the Selection Tool:


The Selection Tool has four selection modes - node, vertex, edge, and face: Screentips in Ver 0.8 read correspondingly: "Select Nodes", "Select Points", "Select Polygon Edges", "Select Polygons" (Text in italics applies to Version 0.8)


Clicking on a mode will allow you to select components of that type. If you already have other components selected, such as vertices in vertex mode, then it will convert that selection to the new type, (by selecting the corresponding vertices, edges, or faces, such as selecting the edges connected to a vertex when switching from vertex to edge mode).

To start a selection you always begin by selecting a node. Enable node selection mode, then click on the node to be selected:


... in this example, the user clicked the mouse over a cube. The node outline changes from black to white to indicate that it is selected.

To select a face (polygon) enable face selection mode ("Select Polygons" option) and click on the face (polygon) to be selected:


To select an edge (polygon edge) or a vertex (point), switch to the appropiate selection mode and do the same:


Any selected faces (polygons), edges and vertices (points) will be drawn in deep red.


The Selection Tool works in two different modes:

  • normal mode : clicking on an object selects it and deselects other ones
  • extended mode : clicking on a selected object deselects it, clicking on an unselected object adds it to the current selection

and each mode applies on both nodes and components : each have a toggle to switch between normal and extended mode in the ToolProperties panel.

An additional toggle named paint mode applies on components and let's the user paint selections : every component under mouse cursor during drag will be selected (when first component was deselected) or deselected (when first component was selected).

  • Exit component Mode on Double Click : When this is enabled, double clicking off of the selected object will exit component mode.

Left Mouse Button (LMB) click

  • replaces selection with clicked object in normal mode.
  • adds clicked object to the selection in extended mode.

Clicking on no node deselects all.

LMB drag

Drag starts :

  • a REPLACE selection window in normal mode.
  • an ADD selection window in extended mode.

Shift + LMB

Adds to the selection :

  • click adds component under mouse cursor.
  • drag adds components within the selection window.

Ctrl + LMB

Subtracts from the selection :

  • click subtracts component under mouse cursor.
  • drag subtracts components within the selection window.
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