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On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 12:14 -0600, Daniel S. Matthews wrote:
Usability issue: Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-W generate same dialog and as the keys  
> are close together one can loose work when one intended to close one scene  
> rather than all scenes. It is one of those gotchas that WILL get people  
> who are working quickly and have their mind on the geometry rather than  
> the little details.
> Fix: Add some RED to the quit dialog and or have all destructive keys  
> require more meta keys, Ctrl-Alt-Q and Ctrl-Shift-W etc.
Changing the hotkeys is a non-starter, since we wish to be consistent with other applications (although you always have the option of making personal customizations - see Hotkeys). gedit is supposed to be the reference implementation for the Gnome UI guidelines, so we should look at how they do it -

Closing one document

Image:Unsaved document.png

Closing all documents

Image:Unsaved documents.png

... this seems like a better solution to me, since it explicitly states what's going away. Tshead 18:53, 6 Apr 2006 (MDT)

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