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A 3D modeling program designed to paint depth on to polygon models in real-time.


A realistic tree generator, exports Wavefront OBJ files. Written in Java.


convert bitmap to vector graphics. This function is also part of Inkscape.


VIPS is a free image processing system. It aims to be about half-way between Photoshop and Excel. Cross platform, with a LGPL license.


Inkscape is a crossplatform, SVG based, 2D drawing package, with a python API, that can be used to generate input for the SVGMeshReader plugin.

GNU Image Manipulation Program

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a cross platform bitmap editing application, with a python API, that can be used to prepare textures and bitmaps for use in K-3D or for post production work on rendered output.


GIMP plugin for working with normal maps, that can convert them to a height map. Normal maps can be made from photos of realworld objects by taking shots with lighing from four directions, then combining the shots as layers in an image.


Avidemux is a cross platform video editing program that can be used to convert rendered frames to various digital video formats.

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