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The Image:Viewport.png Viewport Panel shows a camera view of the scene. It's simply a window that previews the contents of your document in 3D. Note that this is only a user interface component, it has no impact on what gets previewed or how.


Generaly speaking the LMB (Left Mouse Button) is used for selection, the MMB (Middle Mouse Button) for navigation, and the RMB (Right Mouse Button) for additional navigation and accessing context menus in the Viewport.


Use the LMB (Left Mouse Button) to make selections using the Selection Tool.


You navigate the viewport by holding down the following mouse buttons and dragging the mouse.

  • MMB - Track: A up-down and left-right motion.
  • MMB+Ctrl - Zoom: Change the field of view.
  • MMB+Shift - Aim: A tripod like motion, pan and tilt from a fixed point.
  • RMB - Orbit: Rotate the camera around its target.
  • RMB+Ctrl - Dolly: An in-out motion.
  • RMB+Shift - Roll: Rotate the camera around its optical axis.

Object navigation

Select an object, click MMB, then orbit around : the camera will center on it.

Context Menu

Clicking the RMB (Right Mouse Button) in the viewport outside a selection will bring up the following pop-up menu.


While clicking the RMB inside a selection will bring you an additional list of filters that can be applied on it.


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