Support the Software Freedom Conservancy

K-3D is generously supported by the Software Freedom Conservancy, but now they need everyone's help. The Conservancy supports many high-profile projects such as Boost and Git, to name but two. To continue the work, they need our support. Please take a look at the Conservancy Sponsor page and see if can help. Thanks!

OS X 10.8 testing binary

Having just bought my first Mac ever, I took a look at updating the OS X binaries, which were no longer working on the most recent versions of OS X. You can find the download here. One of the top items still on the todo list is to integrate the menu into the Apple menubar, and change the shortcuts from Ctrl to Command.

New web site!

As you may have noticed, our website was way overdue for a face lift. Especially forum spam was becoming a big problem. While all the old forum content has been migrated, we decided to delete the accounts and start from scratch, in order to eliminate all the spam accounts. Please register a new account if you want to post on the forums.

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